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Welcome to JeTi Blog April 14, 2010

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~Welcome to JeTi Blog~

JeTi/JeNy is the couple name for SNSD Jessica and Tiffany.

The born of the JeTi/JeNy couple name.

The couple name “JeNy” for Jessica and Tiffany was first given by Taeyeon, the leader of SNSD through an UFO reply to a fan, when the fan asked Taeyeon to choose between Jessica (who claims herself as Taeyeon’s boyfriend in an UFO reply) and Tiffany (who claims Taeyeon as her wife for eternity). Instead of choosing either one, she replied to the fan by simply saying, “JeNy”.

While the couple name “JeTi” also are given by Taeyeon herself during ByulBam radio with Park Jung Ah, where Taeyeon chanted “JeTi! JeTi!” after Jessica and Tiffany had their first duet ever on that radio show entitled, [b]“Only One For Me”[/b].

JeTi/JeNy are also known as the “Polar Opposite” couple because of their opposite personalities. Not only that, they’re also “polar opposite” because of their place of originality, which Jessica is from San Francisco, California (Northern side) and while Tiffany is from Diamond Bar, California (Southern side) of America.

Some other name for them like;

“Strawberry and Banana” couple – this name is obtain from JeTi in Pops In Seoul when Tiffany said that their voices are like “Strawberry and Banana”.

Cookies and Cream” couple – also the same as above.

“Herbs & Peanut-Butter” – this name is obtain from ByulBam radio with Park Jung Ah where Sooyoung said that Jessica’s voice are like herbs while Tiffany’s are like Peanut Butter.

“Caramel Coffee” couple – obtain from their official duet song in “Oh!” album, entitled “Talk To Me (Caramel Coffee)”.

Some fans also call them as “American Duet Couple”, “American Duo”, “The American Couple”, “Cali Couple” and so on.


Would Like To Join Surfers Blogger Team? April 13, 2010

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We are organizing a JeTi surfers team and looking for members. Are you interested in joining our team, check out the categories below and see where you guys can fit it… ^^

JeTi Graphics Team

Role – Making up banners, icons, sigs etc

JeTi Video Team

Role – Help in making JeTi videos, JeTi moments (lead by aienbest)

JeTi Blog Writers Team

Role – Write and post what is new about our JeTi and etc

JeTi Layout Designer

Role – Design blog templates, blog background, etc

Interested? Leave a comment with this info:

Name to call:

Soshified username:

Team to join:

We are welcoming for any who are interested.


JeTi Hugs Collection February 24, 2010

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JeTi Hugs are always special….

And no matter what, they always finds each other and have their own special moments of hugs.

Credits to the respective owners. I owned nothing.


JeTi’s Hand January 6, 2010

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This is just for fun… haha.

Even JeTi’s hand can have jealousy… >_<


JeTi on KIA Tiger Festival December 7, 2009

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When Tiffany is jealous… ^_^


JeTi moments on MuCore Rehearsal (December 5th, 2009)

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Jessi can be such a romantic person~! ^_^

Listen Jessi, my first love story~ haha… indeed. ^_^

JeTi own world~


JeWhispersTi November 19, 2009

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I’m back with JeTi Whispers collection~





JeLeadsTi November 14, 2009

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This is a collection of Jessica leading Tiffany.  ^_^

The way Jessica leading Tiffany all the way while holding hands…

Isn’t it lovely?













Shall continue with a collection of TiLeadsJe~

JeTi is love~ ^_^


Introduction November 12, 2009

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This blog will be everything about JeTi together. (SNSD Jessica and Tiffany).

Biasness towards JeTi will be shown in this blog.

I don’t know what else to say.

Let’s get our Wave moving~